The world of Law is changing.

It is a world in constant evolution following in the footsteps of its main creator: man.
In particular, the world of commercial law changes as a result of man’s and economic evolution.As it progresses and challenges it develops new tools in order to make the system more efficient.

It is an ever increasingly international system although still respecting distinct practice areas and their regulations.
It is an increasingly flexible system but it still remains difficult to interpret for those not operating in the field.

Nonetheless, it is a system that can be utilized to make your business more competitive and more effectively protect your assets.

This process of change, tangential and irreversible, is forcing both law professionals and entrepreneurs to work together to create more efficient strategies, work tools and methods in order to increase the competiveness of the business.

BusinessJus was founded in Turin and developed thanks to the cooperation of Italian and foreign professionals, its object being to observe and report changes on the different aspects of the business world as well as being a meeting point to analyze and create technical and practical legal and business solutions.

Inside this web site you will find articles, essays, notes and debates concerning the business world as it is regulated by Italian and foreign legal systems, together with Case Law and the most interesting legal and economic news.