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1.1. Franchising at international level – 1.1.1. Unidroit Guide to International Master Franchise Arrangements – 1.1.2. ICC Model International Franchising Contract – 1.2. Franchising at European level – 1.3. Franchising in Italy

1.1. Franchising at international level
Franchising is a successful commercial vehicle for the distribution of products and services whereby, a franchisor (“affiliante”, “concedente”) having elaborated and tested a specific business procedure (the “business format”), use the latest for the distribution of goods or the supplying of services, by granting to several franchisees (“affiliato” o “aggregato alla catena”) the right to use. In order to permit the franchisee to do so, the franchisor usually against compensation (normally, but not exclusively, in the form of an entry fee and/or continuing fees) will provide the franchisee with the know-how required and with the training needed to use this know-how. The franchisor will also in most cases provide a detailed manual containing the necessary instructions for the running of the business. Furthermore, for the duration of the agreement the franchisor will typically provide the franchisee with any assistance it might need in the operation of the franchise.

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