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Law and contemporary art rights and issues concerning site specific art works.


1. Introduction – 2. The contract – 3. Artist’s rights – 4. Spectator’s rights. – 5. International private law aspects. – 6. Insurance. – 7. Conclusions.

1. Introduction

Intended as an activity performed by human intellect and governed by experiences and academic rules, art is, among the vary nuances that it can represent, a pleasure, a delight and a nourishment for mind and soul.

Along with the most common and numerous artistic expressions such as painting, sculpture and photography, contemporary art has developed new particular languages artists interpret using new means, through the creation of installations or by performances, often unique and conceived for a particular type of event, site or collector: these works are called site specific.

More precisely, site specific representations may consist of performances, i.e. artistic pieces consisting of an action of an individual or a group, in a determined place and time . As far as contemporary law is concerned, such performances include the following elements: (i) the involvement of artist’s body; (ii) the involvement of the audience; (iii) the uniqueness of place and time in which they are executed.

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